PurMotion Pur Pulley
PurMotion Pur Pulley
PurMotion Pur Pulley

PurMotion Pur Pulley

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Balance your strength by leveraging vertical-based training with horizontal and diagonal force lines. That’s the purpose of the Pur Pulley System. It’s an affordable and portable pulley system that fits ANY rack or rig that uses 2 inch or 3 inch square tubing. You can instantly set up your own cable system to incorporate multiple lines of resistance.


This system fits any power racks or rig and can also be attached to any securely mounted pull-up bar. Cable travel is a function of the height of your power rack or rig. Kettlebells, dumbbells, chains, etc. can be used to customized the resistance load. Do your favorite Purmotion movements using multiple anchor points--similar to an adjustable cable machine.

What's Included

(1) Double Braided rope: 236" long, 1/4” diameter
(1) Rope Clamp
(1) 10mm Carabiner
(2) 2.0” Pulley with Swivel Eye
(3) 8mm Carabiners
(3) 17” choker