PurMotion Dual Renegade Bars
PurMotion Dual Renegade Bars
PurMotion Dual Renegade Bars
PurMotion Dual Renegade Bars
PurMotion Dual Renegade Bars
PurMotion Dual Renegade Bars
PurMotion Dual Renegade Bars

PurMotion Dual Renegade Bars

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The Dual Renegade Bars allow you to incorporate the horizontal traction force that’s used anytime you drive forward, backpedal or move from side to side.

This horizontal traction force allows you to project your strength in a direction other than straight up. It is impossible to get this benefit through traditional weightlifting because horizontal force traction is discouraged.

The Dual Renegade Bars are the next generation of angled bar training that allow you to train smart and hard!  Its cutting edge ergonomic design allows you to lift heavy in a 100% joint pain-free environment.


Traditional lifting requires hundreds of reps to perfect. Unlike traditional lifting, the Dual Renegade Bar lifts can be mastered in a single training session because the design is geared towards natural bodyweight movements such as the vertical jump and broad jump.

What does this mean for you? The movements you perform using this equipment are more intuitive, making them easier to learn. The Dual Renegade Bars are the best alternative to the traditional barbell Clean and Jerk, Split Snatch, Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, presses and rows.

Not only can you project your strength more effectively but you can also maximize it through unilateral and bilateral training because of the  independent freedom of each Renegade Bar.


Although effective, the traditional barbell lifts have a way of slowly beating you down even as your strength increases.

Because of the improper body alignment dictated by the barbell, small, usually unnoticeable, “micro-injuries” start to accumulate over time and usually leads to the dreaded injury-rehab cycle.
This is a problem that even the very best of technique cannot solve.

The Dual Renegade Bars solve this problem by addressing the root cause: improper body alignment.

Now you can reap all the benefits of traditional lifting (and more) without sacrificing your health in the process.


The vertical jump is the benchmark test for lower extremity explosive power in sports like basketball, football, baseball, martial arts, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, track and field, swimming, etc.

The new Dual Renegade Bars provide a natural progression to safely add external loads–while closely mimicking the actual vertical jump movement–all without taxing your joints.

This makes it a great alternative to the Olympic lifts.