PurMotion Airfit Pro
PurMotion Airfit Pro
PurMotion Airfit Pro
PurMotion Airfit Pro

PurMotion Airfit Pro

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The most versatile piece of bodyweight training equipment on the market is the Airfit.

Designed by a 5x olympian and human performance specialist, the Airfit to eliminates joint alignment issues that we have seen in other suspension training products. It adapts to you meaning that natural bodyweight movements can be performed in order to unleash your strength.

This bodyweight trainer unlocks more movements that matter. By incorporating the rotational element of the Cyclone52 pulley, you are able to build both rotational and anti-rotational core stability and strength.

The Airfit allows you to achieve balanced strength by working your entire body in all angles, known as orbits. This develops strength that translates into real life, all done without taxing your precious joints.

The AirFit Trainer PRO™ is the most advanced bodyweight training system on the market today.

It was the first to incorporate rotational movments for a true total-body workout. The AirFit can also be used with weight stacks and sleds!