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Gripedo trainer is a patent pending training device that is used by Olympians, NBA, NHL, MLB, MiLB, UFC, Crossfit Games athletes, coaches and teams that was invented by a Biomedical Engineer with over 30 years of training and coaching experience.   The founder after years of training and coaching, came to understand the importance of “arm and grip strength” but also “arm and grip endurance” for sports and designed a product that trains athletes grip and arm muscles to improve athletic performance.

The Gripedo has several patent pending technologies that allow different training modalities. Gripedo in the granular training (sand or similar material) application is mainly a concentric exercise and is great for conditioning the hands, wrists, forearms and the arm musculature as a whole.  This helps athletes with having strong, long lasting grip and arms strength that does not easily fatigue on game day.  The sand application can also be a great low impact, training, rehabilitation, active recovery, injury prevention tool.  The sand training is a joint friendly method that allows athletes to train at high intensities with minimum wear and tear.  With the use of the pin, the Gripedo can be attached to pull up bars, sleds, kettlebells, loading pins which enable the user to do pull ups, deadlifts, goblet squats, etc. 

Gripedo May:

  • Strengthen fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, shoulder and the entire arm.

  • Provide a low impact environment (sand training) that is joint friendly. This can decrease wear and tear on joints and can be used for rehab, helping athletes return to their sport faster and may even prevent injury. This also may increase longevity of athletes.

  • Strengthen wrist in all planes. The sand training, barbell training application can strengthen wrist in 360 degrees which is an important factor for performance, injury prevention and rehab.

  • Increase not only strength but muscular endurance. The sand training is mainly concentric. Sled training and battle ropes got popular due to the concentric benefits. The gripedo sand training trains mechanical patterns that are not commonly trained with conventional methods. This can help athletes have a strong long lasting grip.

  • Recover faster. Athletes can recover faster from sand training which is mainly concentric. There is less muscle damage in concentric training and this allow athletes to train at larger volumes of work without as much fatigue.

  • Improve increase athletic performance. labelled Gripedo to be the swiss army knife of fitness tools. The numerous training options allows athletes to train weak links in hand, wrist, forearm and shoulder to athletes to improve.

  • The sand training at very low resistance can be used at an active recovery tools on off days to improve nutrient delivery to muscles allowing athletes to come back more recovered to sports and other activities.


Addition to the sand training application the Gripedo fits right on to an olympic barbell for wrist/forearm rolls and supination/pronation exercises while gripping the 4 in diameter ball handle or the 2.25 inch midsection.  Gripedo is a versatile functional strength tool that allows athletes to train their grips and arms in several ways to reach their full potential. For additional information, pease check instagram for videos for use of the Gripedo and please feel free to reach out to us at you have any questions.